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Revised: Apr 5, 2008
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  1. What's new in this version, wish list for future versions
  2. Disclaimers
  3. Thanks To...
  4. Purpose of the FAQ
  5. What is a breast form?
  6. History
  7. Information about breast cancer
  8. Breast cancer treatment and recovery options
  9. Medical purpose for the breast form industry
  10. How soon can you be fitted for a prosthesis after breast surgery?
  11. How the TG community benefits
  12. Materials Used in Commercial Breast Forms
    (Good points and Bad points)
    1. Silicone
    2. Rubber/Latex
    3. Foam
    4. Cotton Batting
  13. Why choose a weighted or non-weighted form?
  14. Types of forms
    • Symmetrical
    • Asymmetrical
    • Other types of breast form and accessories
      - Custom Breast Forms
      - Attachable Forms
      - Thin Shell Forms/Breast Enhancers
      - Attachable Nipples
  15. More details about Custom breast forms
    • Why choose a custom form?
    • General process of creating a custom form
    • Known custom breast form manufacturers
  1. More details about attachable breast forms
    • What are the parts of an attachable form?
    • What are the advantages of this type of form?
    • How are they attached to the chest?(step by step)
    • Tips for attachable forms
    • Amoena Luxa breast forms
    • If your breast form is non-attachable...
  2. Can people tell if you are wearing a breast form?
  3. Do I need a special bra to wear a breast form?
  4. A properly fitted bra...
  5. How to measure for a bra
  6. Bra band sizing conversion charts from around the world
  7. Common bra fitting problems and possible solutions
  8. Reasons why it may be difficult to receive a professional fitting.
  9. Form fitting tips
  10. Taking care of your breast forms
  11. Breast forms and hot weather
  12. How long can I expect my breast forms to last?
  13. When your breast form approaches retirement
    • Donating your old breast forms
    • Repairing a damaged form
Appendix A: Manufacturers of commercial breast forms
Appendix B: Retailers/suppliers of breast forms: A-K | L-Z
Appendix C: How to make your own forms
     - Making your own forms
     - Special considerations
     - Form 1: Grain/Seed and nylons
     - Form 2: Rubber fishing worms and balloons
     - Misc. "make your own" directions

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