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Revised: Mar. 31, 2003
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  • I have absolutely no interest in the companies mentioned except as a consumer.
  • I am not a physician nor do I have any medical training. I am transgendered and am only an interested customer. I have tried to get as much input from as many sources as possible to make this FAQ usable by all who may want to find out more about breast forms. But I come to the topic from a certain point of view and there may still be some biases that reflect that.
  • All information listed about the breast form manufacturers and products is not guaranteed to be fact. The reader is urged to verify for themselves any information in this FAQ
  • Where mentioned, all prices are US dollars (unless otherwise stated.)
  • The images used to illustrate the different types of breast forms were scanned from manufacturer and retailer product literature. These images only serve to illustrate the topic of dicussion and no attempt will be made to achieve a profit in using them. I can not claim any copyright over them - the copyright remains in the hands of the original illustration creators.
  • This document is not copyrighted and may be distributed freely in its entirety only. However, if you wish to reprint or translate this elsewhere you must contact the author first and cite the source. No profit shall be made from the distribution of the FAQ in whole or in part.
  • Shop for, and wear breast forms at your own risk and/or enjoyment.
  • Although some of the information here may relate to medical topics and issues, no part of this FAQ should be considered to be "medical advice", and is not intended to replace the advice and recommendation of a physician.

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