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Revised: Mar. 31, 2003
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 How to fit a bra
Damage can be done to the breasts from wearing the wrong size bra, so you should aim for the best fit possible. Getting fitted for a bra by a professional is a good idea, but once you know what to look for when fitting a bra, and what a properly fitting bra should feel like, it is pretty easy to tell whether you are wearing the right size or not.
  • The fullest part of the bust should fall approximately at the middle point between shoulder and elbow. If the bra has a horizontal seam it should be parallel to the ground. (If the seam goes up from horizontal, the straps are too tight; if it goes down, the straps are too loose.)
  • Lean forward to let the breasts fall into the cups and fasten the closure to the MIDDLE set of fasteners.
  • The bottom band should ride snug but comfortable across the middle of the back and pass under the shoulder blades thus providing the necessary support. It too should be parallel to the ground. If the bottom band is too loose, it will ride up your back. Properly fitting bras should be primarily supported by the bottom/chest band, not just the shoulder strap. If shoulder straps dig in, the bra size is probably wrong.
  • The bra cups should be large enough to give you necessary coverage and depth for your each of your breasts. If the breasts are bulging from their cups at the tops/sides or underwires are standing off your chest, the cup size is probably too small. If the cup is not big enough, some breast tissue may spill out, providing inadequate support.
  • Adjust the shoulder straps to give firm but comfortable uplift to the bustline. You should be able to run one finger smoothly under the shoulder straps to prevent them from digging in to the shoulders.
  • The shoulder straps should be vertical, front and back. Straps not vertical indicate wrong size or a poor construction. It explains straps falling off the shoulder in normal use or cutting into shoulders.
  • The centerpiece of the bra (if there is one) should lie flat against the chest between the breasts.
  • Underwires should lie flat against your chest/rib cage and should not chafe or rub together.
  • It is good policy to buy nationally known bra brands in boxes. Unboxed bulk displays may be inferior.
  • As bra sizes increase for different body sizes and shapes, bra characteristics change as well to offer better support. Enhancements may include wider straps, wider sides, addition of side stiffeners, heavier materials, wider fasteners, and a wider under-bust band.

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