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Revised: Mar. 31, 2003
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 Special considerations when creating your own breast form
  • Breast forms are often only as good as the bra that contains them. Spending extra time getting the right bra size (as versus cup size) can pay off. See sections 13, 14 and 15 of this FAQ for information on obtaining a bra that fits well.
  • Homemade breast forms often do not hold a particular shape well - their shape usually comes from the bra that contains them. A bra should be substantial and give enough coverage so that the desired contours can be created. Push up bras, see-through lace, and sheer nylon do not work very well in such situations. Underwired bras provide less movement but provide better shape.
  • Breast forms usually do not lend themselves to wearing see through garments or producing decolletage - and this can be especially true of homemade forms. Clothing that covers the bra and chest area completely such as garments with high necks, longer sleeves, and sweaters can help hide many flaws in the construction of a homemade form.
  • Some methods for creating homemade forms listed use liquids or gelatinous substances. The handling and maintaining of liquids has some inherent difficulties not to mention the possible danger of puncture in an awkward situation.
  • The use of nylon stockings as an outer breast form surface is common in the methods listed. Nylons usually come in a wide variety of shades and finding an appropriate tint that matches your skin coloration can make the form blend in better when wearing.
  • If you have purchased or constructed an unweighted form (such as a form with foam, cotton or rubber contents), extra weight can be added using drapery weights, fishing "sinkers," gunshot, BB's or something similar. This can enhance the movement and draping characteristics of the form.

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