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Revised: Mar. 31, 2003
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 Breast forms and hot weather
The slogan goes "Never let them see you sweat"...when you are wearing a breast form throughout the day's activities, some perspiration is expected and inevitable. In the summertime though, having a non-breathable weight constantly against your chest can make things uncomfortable. Constant moisture next to the skin can also create irritation.

Wearing a breast form pocketed inside a mastectomy bra can help wick away moisture from the chest by allowing more ventilation in the area. Another method you can use is to place a cotton pad, cloth or even a kleenex between you and your form to serve this moisture-wicking duty.

Note: A properly-fitting bra should support the breast form without putting too much pressure on the chest. Lack of weight can also go a long way toward alleviating extra heat in warmer weather - you may consider using a lighter foam or fabric form for some situations.

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