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Revised: Mar. 31, 2003
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 Why choose a weighted or non-weighted form?
Whether a breast is lost to cancer-related surgery or if there is simply a size imbalance between two breasts, balancing breast weight between the left and right side of your body is essential to avoiding future health and posture problems such as spinal curvature, shoulder drop, balance problems, neck and back pain, and poorly fitting clothes. A breast form that is under-weighted compared to its sister-next-door can ride up on the chest wall and can look visually unbalanced...the same issue can happen in reverse for a form that is too heavy as well.

Some women may also want the benefit of a lighter form for some reasons - exercise, hot weather, etc. Other women may not be able to use a form of a normal weight for valid health reasons (such as lymphedema or osteoporosis), so a lighter form will be work better in such cases.

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