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Revised: Mar. 31, 2003
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 Form fitting tips
The range of options available in breast forms is truly astounding. Some manufacturers make over 500 different shapes, sizes and colors of breast forms for the needs of different body types, breast shapes and surgeries. Since many in the TG community will be starting from scratch, matching a form to an existing breast will not be a factor.
This is the most important tip to be stressed if passing is your goal. Many of us wish to pass as well as possible, and this point was stressed to me by my fitter. Nothing will draw attention more than a bosom that looks too buxom. By the same token also, if you have a large frame, a smaller cup size can look unnatural. Try for as natural a look as possible, and that can be one less worry in passing.
Breast form sizing can be a little different than bra cup sizing.
As much difference as there is in bra cup size or shoe size, or... between different manufacturers, there is as much difference between sizes of natural breasts. Instead of letter cup ranges, breast forms may often use a numbered sizing system (smallest sizes having the lowest number.) There will typically be 2 or 3 numbers within a given cup size range. This will affect not only the depth of the form but the volume and coverage of the form as well.
If you are lucky enough to be fitted for a form by a professional.
recommended to bring a favorite bra that fits comfortably if you have a size that you already like. Another good idea also is to bring a blouse or some other piece of clothing that will give you a good idea of how you will look.
If you are having trouble finding a store that sells breast forms.
Try looking in the phone book under BREAST FORMS, PROSTHETICS, or ORTHOTICS for local retailers. Forms can also often be purchased through medical supply shops, and specialty lingerie stores.

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