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Revised: Mar. 31, 2003
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 More Details About Attachable Breast Forms

[Note: the following applies to a few breast forms known to use a two-part attachment system - the Affinity line from Amoena, the Discrene model 7730 breast form, and the Classique/Mystique model 330N]

  What are the parts of an attachable form?   
An attachable breast form consists of two parts. One piece is an upside down "V" shape with the soft half of velcro on one side and an adhesive on the other. The form itself will have the hook(rough) half of the velcro permanently attached at points on the back side of the form.

This type of form allows the wearer to be free from most special considerations that are necessary for other forms (special bras, having to wear a bra to wear the form, etc.)
  What are the advantages of this type of form?   
With this type of breast form, the form is very securely attached to the chest wall and can be worn for a wide range of activities including sports and swimming(generally safe in chlorine and salt water). They also tend to move with the wearer more naturally than non-attachable types(in my experience.)
  How are they attached to and removed from the chest? [step by step]
[After doing this a few times it only takes 5-10 minutes to complete the attachment process]
  1. Shaving the chest area (if necessary):
    The area must be free of any hair for the supports to hold properly over an extended period of time.
  2. Preparing the skin:
    This type of form will usually come with an exfoliating creme that is applied to the area that will be covered by the skin support. The exfoliating creme will help clean off any dead skin, oils, soaps or shampoos that build up over time. Doing this helps the attachment stay on for the longest period of time.
  3. Marking the position for the supports:
    Place the support on the form in the proper position, then put on the bra you will be wearing. Place the form in the bra and position it to the correct location. Pull the bra strap down and away from the form and use a pencil(usually comes with the form) to mark key spots on the support and your body to help in placing on the chest. Take off bra and form and carefully detach the support from the form.
  4. Attaching the support:
    Remove the adhesive cover and place on the chest. Hold in place for several minutes to assure a good bond. After doing this several times, it becomes easier, and the attachments stay on longer - up to a week, depending on your skin type.
  5. Attaching the form to the support:
    Hold the form over its intended location and depress the middle of the form slightly toward the chest so that the upper portion connects first. This is to ensure a better drape.

  1. Detaching the form from the skin support:
    At all times holding the skin support to the chest, slowly pull the form away from the support, starting from the armpit area.
  2. Detaching the attachment from the chest wall:
    "This might sting a little" =) You have been warned. It is a gigantic bandaid. If any hair is underneath, this may hurt a bit, but generally, it is far less painful than you might think (It is also easier if the support is removed in the shower or when wet.)
  Tips for attachable forms   
  • Note a freckle or mark on the skin you can use as a guide when positioning the skin support.
  • It works best to put on the skin support at night and waiting until morning to put on the form. The heat from your body helps the attachment last longer.
  • Most skin supports are NOT reusable. The replacement skin supports are sold separately.
  • If you are wearing something strapless or a swimsuit, you might find it helpful to attach the support while wearing the garment.
  • Be careful when positioning the skin support, as the adhesive will work better if only used once.
  • You can keep the skin supports on without the forms attached, and no one will be able to tell under an undershirt and a shirt or sweater. This way, you can get more use out of the supports if you cannot live full time as a female.
  • You can even shower with the supports on, but make sure the support is thoroughly dry before attaching your forms.
  • Attachable forms do not have to be attached- they will fit in a regular bra, and they have a fuzzy velcro padding that covers the rough side of the velcro on the back of the breast form.
  • You will probably have some slight redness for a little while after removing the skin supports, so plan accordingly if you need to have your shirt off for whatever reason.
  • Skin supports can last anywhere from a few days to 1-2 weeks, depending on your skin type, perspiration and activity levels and your lifestyle.
  Amoena Luxa breast forms   
Amoena has introduced a new attachable breast form line called the "Luxa Contact". What makes this system different than the system previously described is that the adhesive in this case is built in to the breast form backing itself, there are no "extra" parts - and the adhesive renews itself and basically doesn't wear out.

I do not know many of the details of this type of form (please help me and tell me more if you have used this product), but a few people have added their input:
  • The forms are not meant to be worn braless. The adhesive system is meant to provide a very secure attachment to the chest while wearing a bra. The adhesive is not strong enough and will separate from the chest fairly quickly. Some have reported that smaller size forms might stay firmly attached, while larger sizes would not. You may need to experiment.
  • The amount of the form attached to the chest sounds like it is much greater than the "inverted V" attachment system used in the Amoena Affinity and similar products. Some find this to be its best feature, as there is probably a lot less "gapping" around the edges.
  • These forms seem to be the most expensive type Amoena offers, so watch your budget.
  • Keeping the forms clean and using the included skin preparation products is essential in creating a strong bond between the form and the skin.
  • It's OK to wear the forms without preparing your skin first, but then you have to clean the forms a lot more often to keep them sticky.
  If your breast form is non-attachable...   
If you have a breast form that is not attachable, or the form you are considering buying is not attachable, there ARE a few options you have to attach (or partially attach) a breast form to the chest.

Although the adhesives used in the following solutions below are listed as medically safe to be used on the body and with many breast forms, be sure to check the ingredients and warnings before using - some people can have problems or allergies associated with strong chemicals used on the skin. If possible, check with the retailer to see if you can try a sample of the adhesive before taking the plunge and buying an entire product (even with attachable skin support system adhesives.) And whatEVER you do, please don't try to "roll your own" form attachment solution with just any old adhesive - they can be very dangerous and even cause serious chemical burns to the skin.

Some questions you may want to ask about adhesives:
  • What type of materials make up the adhesives?
  • Are the materials non-allergenic?
  • What other types of products use these types of adhesives?
  • Is the adhesive water and/or sweat resistant?
  • How long does the adhesive last, and how long can (should) the forms be worn using the adhesive?
Full adhesion solutions:
(Allowing you to go braless or to keep breast forms from sliding around in your bra.)
  • Nearly Me double sided tape:
    A cut-to-shape double-sided adhesive strip
  • Smith & Nephew Skin-Bond Adhesive and Uni-Solve Adhesive Remover:
    Two part liquid attachment and removal system products
  • Hollister Medical Adhesive Spray and Adhesive Remover:
    Two part spray attachment and removal system products
Partial adhesion solutions:
(These methods will not allow you to go braless, but will help forms stay in place in a bra or bathing suit.)
  • Nearly Me "Security Patches":
    Reusable silicone double-sided adhesive patches
  • Jobst "It Stays!" Roll-on Body Adhesive:
    A water soluble adhesive that can keep a breast form from moving
Non-adhesive solutions:
  • Soubra:
    An attachment system for breast forms which attaches the form from the shoulder, without adhesive - not directly against chest.

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