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Revised: Mar. 31, 2003
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 Common bra fitting problems and possible solutions
Problem: The band digs in
- Try a bra style with a wider band
- Increase the band size (i.e. 36C to 38C)
Problem: The bust line sags
- Try a style with more support
- Avoid bras made of stretchy fabrics
- Shorten the straps
Problem: The back of the bra rides up
-Try a smaller bra/band size or adjust the back strap fastener tighter
- Try lengthening the shoulder straps
Problem: The cups overflow
- Try increasing the cup size
- Try increasing the band size
- Try increasing both cup and band size
Problem: The cups are under-filled (cup wrinkles at top/sides)
- Try decreasing the cup size
Problem: The straps dig into the shoulders
- Choose a style with wider or padded straps
- Try a style with longer straps
- Try decreasing the bra/band size (breast support should come from the rib cage band, not the shoulders)
Problem: The sides are too tight
- Choose a style with spandex-blend, or wider sides
- Try increasing the bra/band size.
Problem: Bra underwires dig in under the arms or stick out at the front
- Try increasing the cup size

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