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Revised: Mar. 31, 2003
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 Reasons why it may be difficult to receive a professional fitting
For women that have had breast cancer, the experience can be devastating, both physically and emotionally. The fitter I had explained that the loss of a breast is a very painful blow to a person's self-image and sense of femininity. Many women have a very hard time looking in a mirror after surgery. Many women also experience rejection from family, their spouse or loved-ones (Does this sound familiar?)

Because of this, stores that sell breast forms and offer professional fittings offer an atmosphere that is very private, and also male-free. My fitter said some women may be very vocal about this privacy if it is "violated", and the store can suffer because of it (both financially because of lost business, and reputation in the post-surgery community.) If you wish to be professionally fitted for breast forms, it would be a good idea to respect these wishes (to promote more shops doing business in the TG community) Call first and inquire whether a shop can help. Some stores will not do so (see above reasons), but many more stores are seeing the opportunity in the Transgendered community and are very friendly and willing to help.

Expect personal fittings to be arranged at low-traffic times or after-hours to lower the chances of conflict with other customers.

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