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Table Properties
border-collapse | border-spacing | caption-side | empty-cells | speak-header | table-layout

What Do They Do?
The very first sentence in the CSS2 specification section on Tables is succinct and to the point about the purpose of tables, and it bears repeating: "Tables represent relationships between data."

These relationships, along with the CSS properties that control them, are primarily conveyed visually, but CSS2 also allows for properties that describe how table header and data cells are rendered aurally.

In rendering tables visually, data is divided into cells, which are grouped into rows, columns and groups of rows and columns. Common visual rendering aids for representing data relationships in tables include borders around and alignment within cells.
CSS2 Tables and HTML 4.0 Tables
CSS1 did not contain any properties specifically for tables, but CSS2 changes that. New values for the 'display' property allow elements to be described in the manner consistent with the HTML 4.0 table model, which has a well-defined and documented behavior and structure. Elements may now be assigned or re-assigned a display value equivalent to elements in the HTML 4.0 table model.
CSS2 'display' Values Mapping To
HTML 4.0 Element Functionality
Property Value
   HTML 4 Table Element
'table' TABLE [-->Index DOT Html]
'table-caption' CAPTION [-->Index DOT Html]
'table-header-group' THEAD [-->Index DOT Html]
'table-row-group' TBODY [-->Index DOT Html]
'table-footer-group' TFOOT [-->Index DOT Html]
'table-column' COL [-->Index DOT Html]
'table-column-group' COLGROUP [-->Index DOT Html]
'table-row' TR [-->Index DOT Html]
'table-cell' TH|TD [-->Index DOT Html]
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