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The Support Grid
This is an example of the column headings and support information for the HTML Support History grid. For each HTML element or attribute listed, the table indicates if it is supported by any of the listed HTML standards (2.0, 3.0, 3.2 or 4.0) or reviewed browsers (Internet Explorer, Mosaic, Netscape or Opera.)

Tag Attribute 2.0 3.0 3.2 4.0   1.0 1.1   IExplorer Mosaic Netscape Opera

Div --X XX XX 3.0A1-- 2.02.1
Align --X XX X-- 3.0A1-- 2.02.1

Notations and Abbreviations
HTML/XHTML Specification Support:
Represented by an "X"
Browser Support:
A version number is given such as "3.0A1" (representing Version 3.0, Alpha 1.)
Represented for both HTML Specifications and browsers by a "--" symbol.
Formatting Schemes
Color coded differentiation is provided for readers with CSS-capable browsers. This makes the information much more visually obvious to a reader than plain font styles, but it should not be necessary in order to read the information properly. The colors are customizable.

First Support: Style: Italics. Default CSS: BG - Green, FG - Red
The element or attribute was first specified or implemented by this standard or browser. For any given element/attribute a single browser and a single HTML standard can claim first support.
Support: Style: Bold. Default CSS: BG - Green, FG - White
The element or attribute is supported by this standard or browser, but was not the first among those reviewed to do so.
No Support: Style: Plain. Default CSS: BG - None, FG - Gray/white
The element or attribute is not supported by this standard or browser.

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