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Standards Details:
Deprecated in HTML 4.x and XHTML 1.0. Not present in XHTML 1.1 (use CSS instead)
XHTML Modules:
CSS 'display' Type:
CSS Mapping:
text-decoration: underline
Default Rendering:
Underlined text content
Official Docs:
HTML 4.x, XHTML 1.0

What is it?
This Physical formatting element applies underlining to text. This was a proposed element in early HTML 2 drafts but did not make it to the final specification. It was included however in the subsequent HTML proposals.

Common Attributes
[2|3|3.2|4] [X1|X1.1] [IE3|M|N4B2|O3.5]
[2|3|3.2|4] [X1|X1.1] [IE4B1|M|N6|O5]
[2|3|3.2|4] [X1|X1.1] [IE4B1|M|N6B1|O4]
[2|3|3.2|4] [X1|X1.1] [IE4|M|N|O]
[2|3|3.2|4] [X1|X1.1] [IE5.5|M|N|O]
Markup example and Tests
<u>Underlined text</u>
Parent Model
%In-line Parent% | %Block Parent%
Content Model
%In-line Content%
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