Support Key: [2|3|3.2|4] [X1|X1.1] [IE3|M|N3B5|O3]
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HTML: In all 4.x DTDs
XHTML: In all 1.0 and 1.1 DTDs
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HTML 4.x, XHTML 1.1

What is it?
This element is used in conjunction with the SCRIPT element to indicate content/HTML markup that will only appear if the browser does not support the SCRIPT syntax. Browsers that DO support the SCRIPT element will ignore the contents of the NOSCRIPT element.

Common Attributes
[2|3|3.2|4] [X1|X1.1] [IE4|M|N|O]
[2|3|3.2|4] [X1|X1.1] [IE4|M|N|O]
[2|3|3.2|4] [X1|X1.1] [IE|M|N|O]
[2|3|3.2|4] [X1|X1.1] [IE|M|N|O]
<script language="JavaScript">
     <!-- document.write("Hello World.") -->
     <b>Please</b> try this page for browsers that can not handle SCRIPTing.
     <a href="">Simple Text Page</a>
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%Block Parent%
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%In-line Content% | %Block Content%
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